Flippy Match Game

Flippy Match Game 6.22

Flippy Match Game contains three memory, intuition and comparative games

Flippy Match Game is a package of three memory, intuition and comparative games.
The three games will take place on a 3x3 board, where you will turn the tiles up when clicking on them to see images on them.

"Flippy Match" tests your intuition. You will obtain points by discovering similar images on consecutive clicks. As you can´t see the images before clicking, it all depends on your intuition.

"Pairs" will challenge you to find the pair of the image that you click. If you cannot do this, both images will be hidden again. There is one image that will not match any other image.

"Puzzle" is an easy Puzzle game, where you can choose the image that you will rearrange, using the nine pieces that the game will show you. The images that you can choose are the ones that you will see scattered in the program´s main menu.

The "Learn" button will show you the rules of the games, "End" will allow you to quit a game at any moment, "Music" will let you turn the music on or off. It is possible to increase the difficulty of the game, choosing boards with up to 10x10 pieces.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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